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One app and three trendy features helping to bring important hungry customers to see your store.

PROMPT CUISINE interactively involves

Differently to other listing portals PROMPT CUISINE is not only an information platform. PROMPT CUISINE brings interactive advantages with every use.

People today loooove their Smartphones, right? With PROMPT CUISINE hungry people use the app not only to find nearby restaurants. They can interactively use the app for ordering, pre-order, food-in-time, paying and even table booking.

Because it is easy, fast and time saving they will want to use PROMPT CUISINE every time they want to eat out. 

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Be listed today

With every new listing there will be new possible guests for you. New guests who will love the possibilities of PROMPT CUISINE.

List your food place today to get your chance to be seen in the list of nearby restaurants and food places of the PROMPT CUISINE app users location. 

It would be sad if they wouldn't find you.

Ordering - was never as easy as now

With PROMPT CUISINE you can offer you guests brand new order ways. Such as:

  • with a QR-code in your food place for in-house ordering. 

  • Food-in-Time (ordering in advance) for eating in-house, pick-up or delivery.

  • you can even sell self-print vouchers or your merchandise products

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Imagine all your guests need is there Smartphone. Always being able to have a snack or a great meal at your store. PROMPT CUISINE gives you common online options like PayPal and credit card. The money will come directly to you and we do not add additional fees to your standard payment fees of your provider. We do not work with your money.

At the moment we are working on an integration of Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Table booking - a quick thing to do

Relieve your staff by not having to answer the phone for table booking so often anymore. Just get your emails and fill your books. We do not charge for table bookings. It's for free.

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